Custom Engraved XL Charcuterie Board

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NOTE: Charcuterie typically uses specialty meats and cheeses, if you would like something specific, please make sure to note what you would like in the Order Notes field at Checkout.

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Elevate your brand presence and leave a lasting impression with our Custom Engraved XL Charcuterie Board. This elegantly crafted wooden board, featuring the iconic Char.CuterieMama business name custom branded on the handle, is more than just a serving platform—it’s a statement of sophistication and attention to detail. Available in two sizes!

  1. Custom Branding: Char.CuterieMama business name is proudly and precisely branded onto the handle of the board, ensuring your unique identity is elegantly displayed during every event or presentation.
  2. Personalized Engraving: For an added touch of individuality, we offer custom engraving, allowing you to imprint a message, logo, or any desired text onto the board, making it a truly one-of-a-kind piece. This would take the place of our name.
  3. XL Size: The generously sized board provides ample space for arranging an extensive charcuterie spread, offering a striking visual presentation for your culinary creations.
  4. High-Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with care from premium wood, our XL Charcuterie Board boasts quality and durability, ensuring it stands up to repeated use.
  5. Versatile Use: While this board does not include food, it serves as a versatile and elegant platform for presenting your charcuterie creations, hors d’oeuvres, cheeses, desserts, and more.
Ideal for:
  • Branding and promotional events
  • Corporate gifting and client appreciation
  • Culinary presentations and demonstrations
  • Celebrations and special occasions
  • Creating memorable and personalized gifts

Long Board

  • Length: 34″
  • Width: 11″

Short Board

  • Length: 25″
  • Width: 14.5″


Customization Options: You can choose to customize the board with your preferred text, logo, or design for a truly unique touch. See Engraving below for further details.

Care Instructions: To maintain the longevity and appearance of your Custom Branded XL Charcuterie Board, clean it with a damp cloth after use, and store it in a cool, dry place.

If you would like to keep your board and have it engraved, we can provide that.  Engraving takes a minimum of 18 days so please consider that time when placing the order. Engraving can be placed on either the handle or the opposite end of the board. It would replace the Char.CuterieMama name.


Engraving requirements:

  • Must select Yes when asked if you are keeping the board
  • XL Board ONLY
  • 18 days minimum for order fulfillment
  • Up to 5 words on engraving

If you are keeping the board and wish to have it engraved, please enter what you would like engraved on it in the engraving field before adding to cart.

Any item that is purchased and is engraved cannot be refunded. This includes but is not limited to XL boards.

Make your event/name/brand the centerpiece of every event and presentation with our Custom Branded XL Charcuterie Board. It’s a symbol of elegance and sophistication that leaves a memorable impression, making it the perfect addition to your business or personal repertoire. Order yours today and let your brand shine through the art of charcuterie.

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NOTE: If you select to keep the board on charcuterie board products, the price will automatically increase depending on what board size was selected.

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