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How soon in advance must I place my order?
You may place an order within 24 hours of your delivery/pickup date but it will incure an 17% Rush Order fee.
What are your shipping options?
Since we want to help keep costs down for the customer, we only serve local to Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding cities. We provide a flat rate delivery fee depending on your shipping zip code. We also offer free local pickup. Deliveries are made via private courier.
Do you offer cancellation or refunds?
We do offer cancellations and refunds according to the circumstances. To see the full list, please read our Cancellation and Refund Policy.
What is you board rental and return policy?
If the charcuterie board was not purchased during your order, you will need to return the board within 72 hours of delivery/pickup date. For more details see our Board Rental & Return Policy.
What type of boards do you offer?
We have a selection of different sizes to fit your needs. To see the complete list, please see Board Sizes.
How can I link my existing account to a social account?
Please follow our helpful guide on how to link your existing Char.CuterieMama account to a social account such as Google, Facebook, or Microsoft.
Support Form
For order change requests, order cancellations, and questions not answered below in the FAQ, please complete the Support Form.

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