Board Rental & Return Policy

Last Updated: 6/1/2023


All charcuterie boards are the property of Char.CuterieMama LLC unless otherwise stated on the product page or the customer has purchased the board by selecting one of the Yes options on the field labeled "Would you like to keep the board?" located on each product page as a required selection. These boards are rented to the customer/client at no additional charge for 72 hours from the time of pickup/delivery. All boards need to be returned as per the time frame stated below if do did not select to keep the board.

When purchasing one of our charcuterie board selections, you have the option to keep the board before adding to your cart. If you select yes, a board fee will be added on to your order according to what board you selected. If you select no, no additional charge is necessary at this time.

If you selected no, in respect to keeping the board, when adding the product to your cart, you have 72 hours from the requested by date of the order to return the board to Char.CuterieMama LLC. Some boards do not need returned as they are made out of compostable material. A team member from Char.CuterieMama LLC will advise you on if it needs returned. 

Return address:

Char.CuterieMama LLC
Gate Code: #3599

12235 W Hide Trl
Peoria, AZ 85383

If you do not return the board within this time frame, a Char.CuteriaMama LLC Team Member will attempt to contact you via email and/or phone number if provided on the order. If no contact is made within 48 hours, Char.CuterieMama LLC will send an invoice to you for the amount of purchasing a new board.

If the board is returned to Char.CuterieMama LLC damaged, Char.CuterieMama LLC reserves the right to bill/invoice the customer/client for the entirety of the board.  Below is the specification for what is considered damaged. Only one item has to be satisfied to qualify.

*Stained in a way not of natural wood stain

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